COREO™ Enterprise Software
Most hybrid-energy systems are poorly designed, integrated and under-utilized. As energy demand grows and renewable energy technology matures, the integration of more devices is becoming paramount to maximize energy harvesting. However, without the tools to plan for an energy strategy at present and into the future, implementation remains ad-hoc. In this way, the full value of the technology and means for modern data acquisition cannot be realized nor can favourable returns on investment. COREO software and hardware maximizes the installed system data collection and analysis, improving system performance metrics. This means greater energy production and reliability at least cost. The COREO system has many benefits:

Identifying under-performance and inefficiency and correcting system behaviour
Monitoring compliance
Increasing availability through predictive performance metrics and maintenance for early failure detection
Increasing system reliability
Increasing RE generation
Increasing operational intelligence
Increasing ROI
Planning for future energy capital investments